By Aulden, age 5

Dear Mum,

You're a great Mum. I wish you could still be alive, but you can't. I want to hug you, but I can't see you. And when I go like that (hugging motion), it just... - I miss you (showing his arms not having anything to hug).

Aulden Scott Maciejak Jensen was born on August 15th, 1995. Lisa had been swimming at the YMCA when she went into labor. She called me an we met at the hospital a short way between the Y and the university. Auntie Lynnie took care of getting Nathaniel to bed and arrived 5 minutes after Aulden was born.

Lisa always said that she and Aulden shared a special relationship because she was more relaxed as a mother the second time around. I can still hear her singing Aulden to sleep with her variation of the Conrad Birdie song: "I love you, Aulden. Yes, I do. I love you, Aulden, Yes, I do... Oh, Aulden, I love you."

Pregnant with Aulden

Aulden's born!

Lynnie arrives 5 minutes after Aulden's birth

Marveling at Aulden

Lisa at home with Aulden

Aulden cuddled in

Mum and son crashed out

Cuddling uppies with boys and friends

Mum bathing Aulden

A Special moment for a mum

Santa's sweetest helper

Aulden with Lisa's toe

Aulden going for a stroll, almost 1 year old

Portrait of Mother and young son

Aulden at his first Thai restaurant

Aulden's 2nd Birthday

Cake time

Pumpkin Patch in Tucson

at Disneyland, Nov 1997

Bushwalking in Australia

Aulden at Preschool after Lisa's death

Aulden at pre-school after Lisa's death - self haircut and sweetness

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First posted April, 2001