Lisa's Lovely Boys

As I worked in the upstairs office on May 6th, about an hour before I found Lisa's body, I heard her call out to Nathaniel and Aulden who were running and playing around the front yard, "Aren't my two lovely boys playing so nicely together." These were her last words. She loved our sons so much and knew how to treat them with a light and caring touch.

The photos below show this spirit in Lisa and how it continues on in our boys. More gifts.

Lisa and her beautiful boys in 1995

Lisa and the Boys Christmas 95

At the SD Wild Animal Park

Backyard Sunset in Clairmont

Hammock in La Jolla hacienda

At Coronado brunch

San Diego Zoo Sunset

Dinner Faces - March 97

at the Del Mar Fair

Night time at the zoo

Magic Kingdom

Teacups at Disneyland

Arriving in Australia - Dec 1, 1997

Playing on the veranda

after our first camping trip, Jan 98

Lisa's birthday, 1998

at the Lookout over our land

Ropeswing on the Land

bushwalking in the rainforest

rainforest moment

Mum and her boys

Nathaniel starts Kindy

Morton National Forest

On a mission for Santa - Dec 1999 (last with Lisa)

Christmas morning finding evidence of Santa's visit

Christmas, 1999 - last with Lisa

Playing Chess New Year's Eve 1999

Swimming lessons with the twins

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First posted April, 2001