The Jensens

Lisa loved her family: her Mum & Dad, sister and brother and all their spouses and children and her extended family in South Africa and Denmark. She spoke of you all often and with real interest and joy. She longed to introduce me and the boys to her family in Denmark some day. We thought we might.

Those of us in Australia know how much Lisa brought us all together, scheduling get togethers, keeping in touch by phone, giving big hugs, talking honestly and lovingly, wanting us all to be close and know how much she loved us. That we do have a tight-knit extended family is another of Lisa's gifts. In this way we will never get over missing her. She will always be with us in the park, at Nanny's, in some beach house...

from Mum

On the 6th May, 2000, our beloved daughter passed away and our lives changed forever.

Lisa was born at 7.30 AM on the 8th of July, 1959. The birth was such an easy one, half an hour from first pain to last. Ironically, she left the world in just such a hurry; she was only 40 years old.

Lisa grew up into such a sweet little girl, very shy, hiding behind me whenever people took notice of her. We had many happy days together, her and I. She loved dressing up in my old clothes, and pretending she was grown up. I would hear a knock on the door and there she would be. I would invite her in for tea and we'd sit chatting like grown-ups do - this earnest little girl telling me all about her trials with her make believe child. Such a sweet memory.

Her years at school were happy ones. She was a good student and excelled at art in particular. Her major art work for the High School Certificate was one of the few chosen for exhibition in the city. At one stage, after she finished school and college, she set up an art studio not far from home and she did some serious painting there. I feel that the year or so she spent there was one of the best and happiest times of Lisa's life. The memory I have out of that time was of fetching her by car after I had finished work, I would pull up outside the building and a face would appear at the window - a beautiful girl with paint on her clothes and such joy on her face. Her sweet Hullo never failed to warm my heart.

When Lisa became involved in Zen, a whole new world opened up for her. It became a life-long commitment - she was a serious student. And so it was that she travelled to America to further her studies in Zen and met Tom while sitting together during a retreat. It was the start of a beautiful love affair. She married her Tom and then started studying for her Master's degree and subsequently her Social Worker's licence. She was successful in passing both of these.

Mum and Daughter back together

Lisa and Tom then emigrated to Australia with their two little boys. We were so happy that they were with us once more and had two beautiful years with them before Lisa left us.

We will never forget her. Her gentle voice, her compassion and kindness, her love of her family, her husband, her beloved boys, her concern that was always there when things went wrong, the way she cared for us all, her big smile and warm hug that was always there. I will always remember the way she held my arm when we crossed the street, how she always looked after me, the special love we had for one another.

Lisa always liked the fine things of life, even as a small child. When she was little, she came up to me one day and told me very seriously that she was born into the wrong family, that she should have been a princess. My sweet Lisa, that is what you always were - our princess.

Alvin, Mum, Lynnie, & Lisa

A serious Christmas

Lynnie's Wedding Day

Lisa and Lynn in 1995

Mum and her daughters in 1995

The Ferry to Coronado

Molly's bd and boys

Lisa, Lynn & Mum at Crown Point, June 1996

Lisa's birthday in 1996

At the Polar Bears

Last day in US

October 98

Family Get Together - Green Patch, Feb 2000

Hyam's Beach - Feb 2000

Leaving for US without Lisa - July 2000

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First posted April, 2001