By Nathaniel Jensen, age 7

Lisa was a good mum. She hardly ever got cranky. Me and Aulden were her two sons and Tom was her husband. She was a beautiful lady. It was huge a surprise when she died. When I was a little boy I thought she would not die until she was 100 years old. But she died when she was 40. She died on a Saturday. It was so sad. She died when I was 6 years old. She was the best mum in the world. She probably had a heart failure. I loved my Dad I never hurt him but I used to hurt Lisa. But when I was 3 years old I didn't hurt her any more. My birthday was on the 21st of December 1993. Lisa was born in South Africa.

I remember me, Lisa, Tom and Aulden going to Minnamurra Rain forest. It was so beautiful. There were huge vines and jungle creepers. I also remember when we lived in our condominium in Mira Mesa. But when Aulden was born we had to leave Mira Mesa because it was too small and moved into Clairmont where we rented a house.

I've got 18 ribbons, 1 trophy and 2 medals.

How Lisa loved her big boy Nathaniel. I recall the giggles that came from the top bunk when we tucked the boys in at night. After laughter, she and Nathaniel sang "Silent Night" and fell asleep together.

Lisa worked to appreciate Natty's "boy energy" (head butts, punches, wrestling, etc.) while at the same time letting him know he was loved for who he was. In an effort to playfully counteract the cringe she felt waiting for Nathaniel's anticipated hit, Lisa began sending huge unannouced sucker punches into his shoulder. In the surprise he began to learn something. And loved his Mum even more.

When Nathaniel saw Lisa's body, he said, "This changes everything. It's all going to be different now." Such a wise, deep spirit in a young boy's body.

Preggie with Nathaniel

Nathaniel's babyshower cake

Gifts at Nathaniel's baby shower

Mum and expectant daughter

Working hard to bring Nathaniel into the world

Nathaniel's born!

Lynnie & Mum with Lisa

Lynnie supporting Lisa supporting Nathaniel

Natty comes home

Nathaniel on our 5th anniversary

Nathaniel in sling with mum

Nathaniel first trip to Australia

at Brighton le Sands

Lisa with broken wrists

Leaving Sydney

Nathaniel's first trip to the beach

Lisa and Natty around 10 months

Harvest festival

Moving to Clairmont

On Torrey Pines trail

at Palm Springs in May

at Crown Point with Lisa preggie with Aulden

at the House of Seven Gables

Sunset at Torrey Pines

Nathaniel's second birthday

Nathaniel blows out 2 candles

In Tucson at a ranch

School Photo, May 5th 2000
This school photo was taken the day before Lisa died.

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First posted April, 2001