Zen Practice

Lisa came to Zen practice in her early twenties, a time when many others were looking outside themselves for escapes and amusements. After studying with one teacher in Australia, Lisa met Joko Beck from the Zen Center San Diego and began a practice that was to last till the end of her life.

This is also how Lisa and I met in 1987 and what formed the foundation of our relationship as we attempted to grow and deepen our commitment and appreciation.

I marvelled at how Lisa blossomed in the last three years of her life. Amidst all the buzz of daily activities like houseplans, car pools, and work, it was clear that Lisa had found a deep peace with herself and life.

Argument / Nirvana Chart
For us, the path to a fulfilling marriage
was working through a thousand upsets.
(we only gave up logging them after the first 34...)

New Year's breakfast 1997

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First posted April, 2001

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