I met Lisa Jensen in June of 1987 at a retreat in San Diego. She and a friend were in the U.S. to study with Joko Beck whom they had met when she visited Australia. After six days of sitting next to each other in silence, Lisa and I went out for bagels. We hit it off straight away. Lisa returned to Australia for one year during which time we wrote letters, sent tapes, and made phone calls.

The year after Lisa returned to the U.S., we were married in Las Vegas (to appease the immigration service), then spent a honeymoon in Australia where I was adopted by her wonderful family. The following year (1990), we held a "real" wedding service and reception in San Diego.

Before children we each put a lot of time and energy into our careers, each completing post graduate degrees (1993). In 1997 we emigrated to Australia where the golden period of our relationship began. Slowing down the pace, seeing more of each other, and relying on what each contributed to the family and relationship deepened our love and had us both looking forward to a fulfilling future.

Cold New Year's Day 1989

Proposing at Queen Mary, Valentine's Day '89

Lynnie arrives and drives to Las Vegas with us

in the Bridal SuiteAll Checks Okay

Practicing the Wedding Walk

Atop Stonewall in Cuyamaca

At Mike's house in Tucson

At Mike's with my family

at Green Patch with the Rosellas

Out for a date in Sydney, 1989

Our first one bedroom lovenest

Pam's Wedding in Phoenix

Condo in San Diego

Lisa escorted by her Dad for our real wedding

Wedding Ceremony

Kissing the Bride

Our Wedding Reception

Our first Breakfast really married

The Wedding Family Portrait

La Jolla Cove

4th of July in Madison- Wisconsin

Mum, Dad & Lisa in Canberra, 1992

In harmony at the National Gallery

Jervis Bay - first trip 1989

Graduates on their patio

Farewell Party in San Diego

10th anniversary

Austen Powers Trivia Night

New Year's Eve 2000

Pam's Birthday at Centre Point - March 2000

Centre Point, March 18, 2000

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